Patio And Deck Pergola Ideas You Should Consider

patio pergolasAre you considering a spring project, specifically building a patio outback, or perhaps a deck that circumvents your house? These can be done on your own, or perhaps you will want to use a contractor or landscaper that can help you get everything set up. If you want to thoroughly enjoy sitting outside, especially during the summer months when it can be exceptionally warm, you might want to consider putting a pergola or arbor over the deck and patio so that you are sheltered from the elements. Here are a few ideas for you to consider if you are planning on doing one or both of these projects this year.

What Is A Pergola Used For?

These are simply used to provide some form of shade, although they are also used to simply improve the outside landscaping of your home. They can be standalone, constructed with four posts in the ground, followed by supporting beams and crossbeams, with some type of canopy over the top. If you are able to plant vines adjacent to the posts, they will eventually grow around the beams, creating a natural canopy. Until that time, you can use something different over the top which will not be seen by passersby, which can serve as a way to create shade. If it is not for a patio, they can also be used for walkways, and when used for a deck they are attached to the home. They can actually go as far as the railing, perhaps a little more, creating a unique appearance that is both practical and beautiful.

Patio Pergola Designs

The basic design for one used for a patio can be a minimum of 8 x 8′, or extend laterally to compensate for a wider area. It is recommended that treated lumber is used, along with an application of timber oil to really make the cedar or similar would stand out. Different designs include a Mediterranean design which is U-shaped, perfect for patios that have hot tubs. They do not have a canopy over the top, but can have vines growing up the sides and flowers in between the posts, making it look very exotic.

Deck Pergola Designs

deck pergolasThe design for a deck Pergola is going to be slightly different, more focused upon practicality than overall beauty. It is recommended that you use the side of your home upon which the deck is built as one quarter of the support structure. This can be in conjunction with the roof, and you can place plywood, tarpaper and shingles over the top followed by a gutter. This will ensure that the entire deck is covered, protecting people from the rain, similar to a retractable awning. If you are simply going for beauty, then you will want to do special cuts to the support beams, making it look European or Mediterranean. The same is true for the crossbeams which can easily be changed with a dado blade using a basic table saw. This would be considered an open deck idea, a Pergola that is focused on style. These are most beneficial in climates where the weather is typically dry, and can completely change the feeling that you have on the deck whether you are relaxing or barbecuing with friends and family.

Whether you decide to create an outdoor great room with a barbecue in the middle, or what some call a backyard discovery Pergola for simply lounging outside, you cannot go wrong with these unique structures that serve as protection from the elements and a way of improving your overall landscape.