Backyard Garden Pergola Ideas To Consider

garden pergolasThe pinnacle of having a back yard is able to enjoy outdoors when the interior living space becomes too chocking. In this regard, a backyard garden does come in handy when you want to relax. This space should not only house the presence of nature in the form of plants, but it should also house structure that improves oneís interaction with nature.

Among such structures are pergolas. The simplicity of this structure, form and functionality provide the best cover from scorching solar radiation. At the same time, the roof allows just enough sunshine for you truly feel outdoors making them an important part of your backyard garden.

While constructing the pergola, you should also consider the design elements of the pergola. It should be able to perform its function and look good while at it. Herein are some of design ideas for pergolas to consider.

Accessorizing The Pergolas

Although the main function of the pergolas is to provide shade, they may be accessorized to beautify you backyard garden. You can accessorize your pergolas in many ways, including;

Fabric Accessorized Pergolas ñ You can accessorize pergolas with fabric. For instance, you can use side curtains to provide variability between an open and closed pergolas, instead of installing permanent structures on the sides.

Vined Accessorized Pergolas ñ Since most garden pergolas are surrounded by green matter, you may choose to accessorize the pergolas with plants. In this regard, you can plant creeping vines up the pillars and on the slit roof elements, further enhancing the presence of Mother Nature in your pergola.

Backyard Pergola Designs: Placement is Key

backyard pergolasWhile designing the pergolas, you should also think of its placement. Ideally, you should place it on the part of the garden where you most feel comfortable sitting and spending time in. Examples includes;

Poolside Pergolas ñ This is perfect as it provides shading to the poolside. It one of the best alternative to installing tents for poolside shading.

Pergolas Garden Walkway ñ You may also install it along the garden walkways to delineate the walkways.

Under A Tree Placement ñ If you have a tree in your back yard, you can construct a pergola under the tree. However, in this case, it is best to space the width of the slits to allow more sunshine since there is a natural shade of the trees.

Garden Pergola Designs

The design of pergolas can be very flexible, only limited to oneís creativity and the amount of money that you are willing to spend.

Open Sided, Shut Sided Or A Mixture Of Both

Normally, pergolas are open sided. However, you can choose to have the sides, or some part of it shut. Pergolas that have a mechanism of shutting and opening the sides are also a good idea. The sides can be shut when one needs some sense of privacy and open when you need to have a view of your surroundings.
Multiple Layer Roof Pergolas

You can vary the height of slit elements with varying height placement of individual slits or group slits. This provides an eye-catching feature on the roof which is great to have in your back yard.