Pergola Design Ideas That You Can Try On Your Own

designWhether they are referred to as an arbor, or a pergola, these unique garden features can be built or purchased to enhance your backyard or your garden. They provide shade for walkways, or passageways, utilizing woody vines that will grow up the open lattice, something often seen with gazebos. They can be a standalone project, or something that is attached to a building in order to provide some type of shelter. They can be used to link pavilions together, or simply offer protection for an open terrace, a multifaceted structure that is also beautiful to behold. Let’s look at a few of the features and types that you can build or purchase, as well as what modern pergolas look like today.

How To Build A Pergola

One of the benefits of living in a modern society is that you can purchase kits that can help you build these arbors very quickly. They are available at most major home improvement stores, or you can order one over the Internet. Special orders are also available, depending upon what type of style you are looking for, and how much lumber you want to use. It is a structure that is designed to not only provide shelter from the elements, but can add a unique appearance to any area in which they are built and placed. Building one begins with installing 4 x 4 posts into the ground, followed by attaching to buy six support beams. This is followed by adding crossbeams over the top, and you finish by placing post braces. This will make the Pergola very sturdy, and as long as you are using screws instead of nails, it will be a permanent structure that will be hard to knock down, even in the most chaotic weather.

Practical Uses For Pergolas

The most obvious reason for using one is that it can provide a canopy like structure, especially if the overgrowth is quite thick. Many people will add a top to the Pergola that cannot be seen from the outside, allowing it to still have that unique medieval effect. They were actually used in Renaissance Gardens, and will owe or Hazel would grow up the arches, creating a very beautiful scene. All countries have some form of a Pergola, and there are modern designs and materials that are used today. These materials include aluminum, PVC, fiberglass, vinyl and even pillars made of stone. If wood is used, it is typically red wood or cedar, giving them a very rustic appearance.

Pergola Design Ideas

There are so many different designs for these arbors, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Some will have a flat lattice on top that are used over patios, whereas others will be a long the length of a walkway. Sometimes there is a canopy, and other times there are simply vines that are growing over the top. There are those that do not have anything but support beams, and a top those flowers are planted. They can be attached directly to the side of a home, or made separately out in the middle of the yard. Most of them will have support beams with unique cuts, creating an oriental appearance, one of the more favored designs. Finally, you may have those that are made of metal which are easy to bend and contort into different shapes. Some are actually cornucopia in appearance, giving them a modern mystique. This brief overview of the different Pergola design ideas, as well as how you can make one on your own, to get you moving in the direction of either owning one, or starting a summer project.